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Remember, Revel

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

The Mukundamala of King Kulashekhara is the focus, currently, as we seek to raise our devotion.

When we make an appeal to the Higher with full devotion, revelling, then we can be fortunate that It reveals Its Truth to us.

Sarisjnyne sz'!oc³e muri_aid ma ivrmSv icĂ„ rNtum!,
suokrmpr< n jatu jane hircr[Smr[am&ten tuLym!.10.
Sarasija-nayane sashankha-chakre mura-bhidi maa viramasva chitta rantum,
Sukhakaram-aparam na jaatu jaane hari-charana-smaranaamRtena tulyam ||10||
Oh, my mind, do not forget to revel in Him, the destroyer of the demon Mura, one whose eyes are like lotus and who wields conch and disc.
I do not know any other thing that gives joy equal to the nectar-like remembrance of the Lord's feet.

It is said that true education begins when one leaves the school. All the book knowledge in the world cannot fully prepare us for the physical impact it has upon us. In a similar way, it can be said that regular worship of the beloved Higher is like the school, but only once we have learned the routines, and then can let them go to simply 'be' devoted, are we likely to find that we are revelling. Remembrance first, then experience!

To revel in the Lord is to find that we are drawn to ever higher spaces within ourselves, to the point where we have not effort required to be in the presence of the Higher. It 'reveals' itself to us.

Sadly, though, we tend to revel only in that which can be physically perceived; in the world of illusion. Maya has such a hold upon us. A question often asked of Hindus is why they worship so many gods. The response is really quite simple. In the same way that anyone will have images of their family members on their shelves, desks, walls, it is so that they can gaze upon them as if in the flesh. The mind's eye is useful but the image is more so for remembrance - is it not so? It is not, therefore, that many gods are worshipped, but the many faces of the One God. The human mind is weak. It needs this constant reminder. Each will chose the face of the Lord which appeals to them most, that is all.

After some time, if away from the place where that image stays, the mind can in fact picture it and can play with the picture, mentally - it should never be forgotten. The more we are attached to the Higher this way, the lesser are our attachments to the material things of life.

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