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See Clearly

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

The Mukundamala of King Kulashekhara is the focus, currently, as we seek to raise our devotion.

Take the Higher view…

p&WvI re[ur[u> pya<is ki[ka )LguS)uil¼ael"u>
Taejae inñsn< méÄnutr< rNØ< susUúm< nÉ>,
]uÔa éÔiptamhàÉ&ty> kIqaSsmStaSsura>
d&:qe yÇ s tavkae ivjyte ÉUmavxUtavix>.20.
pRthivii renur-anuH payaamsi kanikaa phalgu-sphulingu-laghuH
Tejo nishvasanam marut-tanutaram randhram susuukshmam nabhaH,
Kshudraa Rudra-pitaamaha-prabhRtayaH kiitaas-samastaassuraaH
dRshte yatra sa taavako vijayate bhuumaavadhuutaavadhiH ||20||
From Your vision (Lord), the earth is an insignificant dust particle; all water is just a drop, all fire is a little spark, all wind is a thinned-out breath and space is only a tiny hole.
Rudra, Brahmaa and such gods are unimportant and other gods are like works. Your Glory triumphs without limit!

Here we find the guru-king's understanding that all that we would name 'as god' only displays the limitation of our imagination. That which is God is greater than anything we can give form to. The bhaktas of the world require form to focus their attention upon the Higher, but those who are true spiritual seekers will see beyond the form.

If we look at the world only from our own standpoint, we will tend to become protective and defensive of that which we perceive. We attach to our immediate surroundings and its contents and occupants and will get angry or upset if those things don't stay as we wish them to. The more we become in involved with the wider world, the less these attachments will have their hold upon us and the more magnanimous and patient we will become.  The broader our identification with material existence, the less our self-importance becomes… unless we fall into the trap of believing that everything we see is 'ours'.

Our upaadhis - the fleshy casings which carry our jiivas - and the faculties therein have limitations. The individualised Consciousness tends to become conditioned according to its upaadhi and can become very forgetful of the Universal Consciousness to which it belongs. A limb which becomes numb can still twitch, it still exists and operates, but when the feeling returns it remembers it is part of a whole. Our current ego-consciousness has been numbed to the Greater Consciousness of which it is a part. If we could return to that fullness, just think how we could perceive the world, the cosmos, the very nature of existence! We would know the various names and forms of 'god' we have created for ourselves in our limited understanding to be but ravings - even insults - against that which Truly Is. Through a combination of bhakti and jnaana, we can reach such heights but it is a step-by-step process.

When we read the Bhagavad Gita, initially we must read it from the standpoint of Arjuna, knowing ourselves to be weak and limited in our abilities. Gradually, we can rise with each reading and with the application of the teachings to our karma and dharma If we are resilient and adept, we will begin to see more from the point of view of Krishna. In this way, our problems are not 'solved' - they are 'dissolved'! Problems only arise from a block in understanding.

By surrendering and becoming instruments of the Lord, we will find that we rise naturally, mature spiritually and see with wisdom.

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